Welcome to my new website!

03/08/2008 - The war has started! Dominance War III has started and so have I. Check out my progress of my character, Void, on my thread. I'm also a proud sponsor. I've also added a dozen or so new images to my 3D personal section including last year's entry, Torn. Check em out.

dominance war

01/01/2007 - Every year here at Ensemble Studios we send out a holiday card to our friends, family, and those who’ve helped us out over the past year. The card is put together by a select artist from the company and usually reflects the work that the company is currently doing. This year, I was honored to create a peaceful scene for the holidays and wanted to share the image and the sentiment with you all this holiday, by offering this new desktop background.

holiday image


Along with updating my new site, I have also just completed working on "Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs". Pick up your copy in stores today. I will try and update regularly, so please stop by again soon.

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Also please check out the awesome trailer for the newly announced Halo Wars!, and these are two characters I did in anticipation of the game.

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